The paintings and carvings of the Italian furniture is the main reason why most of the customers are attracted to it. There are many famous dealers of Italian furniture Sydney who have various designs and patterns that suit all purposes. Here are some brief descriptions about the products and services by the famous dealers if Italian furniture Sydney.



The main attraction of the team is the experience in the field which is around sixty two years. The team supplies their products all around the world which is exclusively designed and created. Other attractions of the team include design shopping and quick delivery of the products. The values which are passed generations after generations and the bond of kinship are rare features. When the team came up in the Australian market all of the companies that supply the furniture were affixed in the market though there were no much imported items.

The first store of the team was opened in 1976 with the supply of leading Australian brands. The main intention of the team is to supply the high quality products so that to achieve the customer satisfaction in its largest extend possible. What makes the team very different from the other suppliers of Italian sofas Sydney is the modern designs and comprehensiveness. What a customer wants when he is in the shop is well realized by the staff in sales and they are able to find the right product which suits the purpose as well as the budget.

The stores of the team are located in both Sydney and Melbourne so that the Australian people can easily purchase both indoor and outdoor furniture from the stores. The advantages of the team over the other suppliers of Italian couches Sydney include the integration of craftsmanship and contemporary designs. It is highly significant to be noted that the team only supplies the products which are made of finest raw materials so that the furniture lasts for a lifetime. The importance for the sustainability of materials used is never let to go down by the team managers.

All kinds of furniture designs and models are handled by the team like residential, commercial or official purposes. The visual changes in each design can be easily recognized so that the customer feels very easy to choose the right product for his or her purpose. The different products from the team includes armchairs, dining chairs, benches, aba lamps, chairs by flexform, sideboards, acorn pendant, lights made by bronze, modular sofas of leading brands, chaise, admiral mirror, lounge chairs of different top listed brands in Australia, cabinets, beds, bookcases, all day boxes which are of different styles and rates etc..

Among the famous dealers of Italian furniture Sydney, the team ‘fanuli’ has entrenched their position in the top with the experience of around 60 years which also moulded them to face all the challenges. The finest raw materials used for the making of the furniture are one of the main attractions of the team.