For the Spanish food is more than just a task to satisfy hunger, it is an experience that is savoured and enjoyed with every bite. The cuisine from Spain has evolved to be simple, modest and to incorporate good quality ingredients and flavours. Another great thing with their pallet is that is has grown to be easily shared.

From tapas to paella, Spanish food is great for sharing and bringing everyone together. Here are just some of the reasons how having Spanish catering can bring your friends and family together.

The history

Mediterranean cuisine is the food and traditions of the nations that run along the Mediterranean Sea.  Like all Mediterranean nations, Spain puts a real emphasis on hospitality, neighbourliness and the inclusive nature for diversity. No matter whom you are or what you look like Mediterranean food is a great way to include everyone.

Eating is a great way to share experiences and share cultures. It’s the perfect opportunity to share stories and pass down traditions to the younger members of the family.

Being connected

Sitting down and catching up with old friends or family members over food is the best way to stay in touch. Knowing what’s going on in everyone’s life is good for your mental health and everyone’s overall wellbeing.

To get scientific as well there have been studies that link the frequency of family meals to nutritional health in children. The link also stated that the higher participation children had in family meals and experiences the less likely they were to be overweight. Which just goes to show that sitting down once and a while with your family is actually good for you.

So when someone is trying to flake on a plan pester them for that catch-up session over dinner, it’s good for you and for them!

Learning about the food

If you’re lucky enough to have a chef in the family learning how to cook and pass down traditions is a wonderful way to bring everyone closer together with food. The cuisine education can be beneficial to everyone’s health knowing how easy it can be to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

If you’re on the unlucky side like most of us and don’t have your own private chef consider hosting a party and speaking to an actual chef. If you decide to go with Spanish catering you can ask the chef all kinds of questions like how they learned to cook to food and the special techniques to mastering the craft.

The sharing culture

The best thing about all Mediterranean food, especially Spanish food is the sharing culture that it revolves around. Big celebration meals are an easy and effective way to introduce the people close to you to new dishes from different cultures.

If you are throwing a party encourage your guests to share their cultures and bring something that is important to them. Whether it’s a side dish, dessert or a beverage having new experiences is a great way to bond.

If you’re guests aren’t the cooking type you can always make something to share yourself. Tapas and paella are great dishes to get everyone involved and talking about the food.

Food is an important part of our lives but it isn’t just to survive. Having a shared dining experience can be beneficial for everyone’s mental health and bring our family and friends closer together. If you’re looking to bring some extra love to your next party or gathering opt for the Mediterranean cuisine.

It’s tasty, fun and great to way to get accustomed with everyone’s lifestyle. If you aren’t culinarily skilled opt for some Spanish catering to bring the love of the Mediterranean nations into your household!