Situated on the western tip of Papua in Indonesia, Raja Ampat is a collection of some of the most beautiful islands in the world. The world class diving opportunities in coral reefs housing 75% of the worlds coral species makes Raja Ampat the best resort experience in Indonesia.


It’s extremely remote and virtually untouched by tourists so it still has a very organic feel. The region consists of over 1500 islands and is one of the most isolated island collections in the world. Whilst it might not be as popular as Bali, it certainly gives Indonesia’s most popular island a run for its money.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

The remote nature of the islands means you get an unprecedented look at both the sunrise and sunset. A complete view of the horizon and above creates spectacular colours as the sun rises and sets each day.

Sometimes the fishermen in their long boats can be seen as a silhouette creating an idyllic photo opportunity to take back with you.

Scuba Dive

The area is known for its diving and there are no surprises as to why. The beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish make for exquisite diving experiences. Because there are so many islands and it is so remote, there are multiple locations that are great for diving.

The waters are ultra-clear and peaceful making for a relaxing diving experience.

Snorkel at a Jetty

Whilst the region is known for its scuba diving, the vast array of sea life that is around can be seen from just below the surface making snorkelling a more than adequate option.

Most accommodation will have a jetty making it super easy to get in and out of the water and simply snorkel around the resort. Many of the colourful fish can still be seen and the water is as clear as day. The accessibility to sea life is what makes Raja Ampat the best resort region in Indonesia.

Hike Piaynemo

Whilst the scenery is likely to be great from the resort, there are always ways to improve on it. There is an incredible view from one of the regions small islands, Piaynemo. It even has a set of stairs that lead straight up and into the forest.

There are roughly 318 steps that lead up to the peak that opens into a magnificent view. You can see right across the island collection with panoramic views. The beautifully pale water can be seen for miles.

The Floating Island

In the middle of the ocean there is a floating island that can only be seen for a few hours each day. Pasir Timbul is a floating island that is only reachable at low tide because at all other times its completely covered up.

Meet the Locals

The locals in the surrounding villages are very warm and friendly – likely because of the limited tourism through the area to date.

They are all willing to get into photos and play with the tourists so be friendly in return. It’s extremely interesting seeing how these people live their lives in such a remote area. A truly unique experience, especially given the limited resources with which they have access to.

Drop the Technology

Because it is so remote, something makes Raja Ampat the best resort location in Indonesia, it is a great opportunity to disconnect from all social media and other technology. There is such a limited number of tourists and the surroundings are so impressive that there is no need for it.

It gives you a great opportunity to relax and truly immerse yourself in the culture. Take in the surroundings and indulge in you without the worry of the world back home.


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